Classes: All Ages

Classes have included singing, dance band, ukulele, rapper sword, long sword, jewelry making, clogging, blues, swing, English country, squares, kids' art, woodworking, soap making, and more!

Irish Kerry Sets

Irish Kerry Sets

age-level Classes

We structure classes by age groups, 0-5, 6-9, 10-12, teen, and adult. Participate in 3 or 4 classes per day. Classes are taught by experienced instructors and often have a musician helper. 


Dance traditions

At Terpsichore, your class choices might include rapper sword or clogging or English Country dancing. You can find yourself learning swing or blues or Morris dancing. Flourishes for contra or how to play music for dance bands.



art & more classes

From community art projects to yoga, our accessory classes round out your experience. We've made flags, decorated the dance hall for New Year's Eve, worked with wood, and explored physics. 

Sample schedule