Evening Gathering & Dance

A community gathering starts the evening. Sing-alongs, jokes, solo instruments, all-ages dancing. Bedtime for the youngest kids is marked by singing. An hour later, the tweens are sung out. Ages 13 and up can dance contra, English, and more until 11 p.m. 

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All-ages dance

Even if you are new to community dance, a contradance is accessible. Based on a walking step, the caller teaches dances after you line up in 'hands four.' For more information, search videos and pages with the phrases 'contradance' or 'contradancing' on the web.



Perform handbone, write and sing a song, lead a silly camp game, or show off your marimba skills. The evening coordinator sets the schedule.

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late night 

Late night is popular with enthusiastic dancers and might include techno, Dutch Crossing, or pick-up bands with high-energy contras.