Location: Stonewall Resort

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The lodge

Stonewall Resort is located in Roanoke, West Virginia just off of Interstate 79 near Weston. It offers luxury accommodations, an indoor-outdoor pool, spa services, recreation, and more. Set among the rolling hills of Stonewall Jackson Lake State Park, the Adirondack-style lodge features 196 guest rooms and an outstanding restaurant.

For more information about Stonewall Resort visit Stonewall’s website. All lodging room reservations for Terpsichore's Holiday are made through the Terpsichore registration process.

Resort features

Our remote location helps everyone get away from the routine of life. Even so, Stonewall features wi-fi service and four-diamond rated hotel rooms. Meals are buffet style in the resort restaurant, with tables of 2 to 10 people giving you opportunity to meet other campers.




940 Resort Dr, Roanoke, WV 26447
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